Tuesday, November 07, 2006

journal entry from 11.2.003 interview with Shannon Elizabeth

Victoria: What do you think we’ll be seeing here today?
Shannon Elizabeth: A lot of cruelty free fashions. No leathers, no suede, nothing like that.
Victoria: What do you think the highlight will be?
Shannon Elizabeth: I have no idea, but I wanted to come here and support them because we have an event tonight that is kind of the same thing.
Victoria: What are you working on right now?
Shannon Elizabeth: I’m working on That 70’s Show. And I’m working on a film called Cursed with Wes Craven.
Victoria: Horror?
Shannon Elizabeth: Yes, it is.
Victoria: Are you doing a lot of running or are you the avenger?
Shannon Elizabeth: I’m not gonna say …
Victoria: What character do you play on That 70’s Show?
Shannon Elizabeth: I play Ashton Kuchner’s love interest. My first episode airs November 19th.
Victoria: So it’s a recurring role?
Shannon Elizabeth: Yes.
Victoria: Great!


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