Tuesday, November 07, 2006

journal entry from 11.2.003 interview with Amy Smart

Amy Smart: There oughta be a law, that people eat organically and treat animals humanely.
Victoria: Why is that important to you?
Amy Smart: Because we are all living on this planet and I’m for the preservation it, and by living organically and doing things humanely we are preserving the planet as well as nature and animals that don’t have a voice so we have to step in and speak as their voice.
Victoria: Are you presenting today?
Amy Smart: No actually I’m not I’m just here to enjoy the show and I’m on the honorary committee.
Victoria: And what are you working on right now?
Amy Smart: I have the Butterfly Effect coming out in January. January 23rd.
Victoria: What’s that about?
Amy Smart: It’s a sci-fi type of movie with Ashton Kuchner.
Victoria: What kind of character do you play?
Amy Smart: I play, well … my character goes through four different realities, the same girl but in different circumstances.


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