Tuesday, March 16, 2010

two articles coming up in Art & Living Now/Next!

Art and Living™ launches a comprehensive, two-demographic crossover magazine featuring philanthropist David Rockefeller and entertainment revolutionary Ben Silverman on its two covers

Art and Living™, releases the premier issue of Art and Living Now/Next the media company’s innovative, two-sided magazine featuring the world’s great creators. Art and Living Now/Next is an image-rich, 250-page tribute to the creative spirit of the best established artists and creators in the fields of entertainment, fashion, jewelry design, luxury goods, technology, automotive design, architecture, interior design, hotel design, fine art, and more.

Look out for my articles on the artists of the NEW W Hollywood Hotel & Residences and I also have the first crossover article - it starts in NOW and bridges over to NEXT on billionaire John Paul DeJoria (co-creator of John Paul Mitchell Hair Systems and Patron), The Man with the Midas touch.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


DIRECTOR: Frank Kelly
Elliot Kotek
Victoria Charters

140 filmmakers in 140 locations around the world shoot 140 seconds of what connects them to their home. The result - a feature length documentary of poignant moments captured around the world at the same time.

The idea originated from the restriction of Twitter (140 characters) and the benefit of it (a global community) to enlist filmmakers around the world to tell their creative story in 140 seconds on June 21, 2009. Frank Kelly took all the submissions in whatever form they came - from Flip cam files to hi-res, and converted them all, and composed them into something cohesive and set them to a score to form the feature "140."

I'm one of the filmmakers.

A Film to Tweet About | Filmink News

A Film to Tweet About | Filmink News