Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Memory of Water

Last week I auditioned for a play to be produced at the Ensemble Theatre Company in their next season. It's The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson. What a great play. I auditioned for the part of Catherine, the youngest of three sisters, who is as the director said "on a tear for pretty much all of the play". I agree. It would be a great part to play, and exhausting. She's a high energy grieving whirlwind. She's the catylyst, the enabler, she makes things happen.

The audition went well I think, but I haven't heard those wonderful words - "you've got the part"! YET!!!
We'll see if I am offered the part. I'd love to do it.

The Play
One of Britain's hottest new playwrights has come forth with The Memory of Water, a play about three sisters who return home after the death of their mother. Throughout the play, the sisters struggle over who remembers which events more clearly, only to find that individual memories and experiences can become fuzzy, and that family stories, many times re-told, become free game to be re-shaped and detailed until the story develops so far that it surpasses the memory. Playwright Shelagh Stephenson states that when she started writing the The Memory of Water, it was set at a family birthday party. During the development process, Stephenson lost her mother, and the play took a dramatic turn, shifting from one family event to another. Yet the age old tradition of recollecting family stories, bound by love, laughter, anger, and tears is still the center of this bittersweet, life affirming comedy.

The Memory Of Water first opened at the Hampstead Theatre in North London in July of 1996, and went on to a successful run in London's West End from 1998-1999. In 2000, it won The Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

The London cast was as follows:

Mary - Samantha Bond; Vi - Julie Legrand; Teresa - Alison Steadman; Catherine - Julia Sawalha; Mike - Patrick Dury; Frank - Mark Lambert.

It opened in New York at The Manhattan Theatre Club in 1998.

The cast was as follows:

Mary - J. Smith Cameron; Vi - Robin Moseley; Teresa - Suzanne Bertish; Catherine - Seana Kofoed; Mike - David Hunt; Frank - Peter McRobbie.

Lewis Gilbert, best known for his direction of Alfie, as well as three James Bond films, is slated to direct the upcoming film version of The Memory of Water.


So last week we filmed my bit on Dirtbox produced by Red Rocket productions.
My segment is called The War on Tourism ...

I played the anchor "Trisha Bitasushi" and delivered serious news with a twist!

We filmed at KEYT the TV station in Santa Barbara.

Here's the team: Libby, Ray Pierce (writer/director) with Dan thumbs up the camera guy.

I delivered most of my stuff in-front of a green screen. They will put in a snazzy background later in post production! neat huh?